• Apulia

Apulia “The Heel of the Boot” offers unlimited choices of holidays and tours. The beautiful clear sea or the sunny Murgia countryside will allow you to take the rest you need.  You will taste traditional  foods, taking part in wine and food tours catering to all palates. A slice of bread with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil will bring you back to old and simple flavours.  You will learn the secrets of Norman cathedrals in the area and will enjoy breath taking views from apulian medieval castles’ bastion.

You will discover hidden marvels and heritage and will delight in the colour and shimmer of landscapes in each season. While warm Sirocco will ruffle your hair and brush your cheeks your eyes will be lost following dry stone walls and zigzag on the barren Murgia Highland.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the well-known Bari and Bat district.  We will arrange for you a trip to magic places around the area: Castel del Monte, San Nicola Cathedral in Trani, The Virgin Mary Cathedral in Ruvo di Puglia, the cave churches of San Magno, San Vito in Corato, archaeological sites of prehistoric origin, the north west Murgia’s Trulli (farmer’s tools storage and herd  recovery built with dry stone, that date from the seventeenth century), The Norman castle of Bari and San Nicola Cathedral in Bari to list just a few.