I received a degree in Law from the University of Bari in 2009.  Following this I took part in a post-graduation learning program in foreign trade and import/export management.  This was provided by Apulia office of ICE (Italian Trade Commission). I worked in the sales department of a manufacturing company and did an internship with the Italian Trade Commission Office of Los Angeles.

During the past two years I worked with Liliana in managing pre and post exhibition activities and any issues that arose.  I also carried out surveys among consumers in order to study the customer satisfaction provided by the company.In the meantime I worked as a tutor in a private professional school in Corato.

Last December I joined a Mobility Lifelong Learning Program in Foreign Trade and travelled to Cork (Ireland) for 5 months where I worked in the Marketing department of a BtoB Company.  Here I improved my skills and learned new ones in the International Marketing field and of course I improved my English.

My personal goal was to enrich my work experience and get new sectorial knowledge in order to return home and set up my own business: consultancy for local companies that want to export their own products/services.  I also thought why don’t we try to export emotions, feelings and traditions of our own Apulia as well? Let foreign people know the Apulian land with its wonderful products (food and handmade crafts etc) as well as it’s art masterpieces in a new way: the wedding.  This is WEapulia team’s challenge.

Liliana and I will organize the ceremony service of foreign couples that decide to get married in Apulia and will be in attendance on the day to deal with every eventuality.  In order to be ready for this new challenge I attended a course in wedding planning for foreign couples in Rome at Events Accademy.  I also learned from my personal teacher, the very capable wedding planner Liliana, all the tricks of the trade for a perfect Wedding Day.


I have had a love for organization and planning for as long as I can remember.  As a result I have mastered the art of matching elements in perfect harmony.  As a teenager I loved to set our table using the most refined table cloths, best dishes and glasses pristinely kept in their shelves by my mother and my grandma (my life mentors). It didn’t matter if it was a Birthday, a Communion, a Sunday lunch or a New Year’s Eve dinner.  Each occasion was an opportunity to choose amazing flowers, centerpieces and to invent innovative place cards!  This has always been a great passion of mine.My philosophy in life is to celebrate every occasion, from the smallest to the biggest.  Treat each one as an event, an opportunity to enjoy yourself and to show your guests a great time.  A priority of mine is attention to detail.  I believe in creating a memory that will last long after the event has finished.  One on which to reflect with warmth and happiness.

In 2008 after graduating with a Law Degree from the University of Bari I decided to follow my great passion. I began to study Marketing and Event Management at IED in Milan where I obtained a Post-Graduation Diploma in that field.In 2009 I attended  Events Academy in Rome where I completed two courses.  A Wedding Planning course in 2009 and in 2012 another course which was more focused on Wedding Planning for foreign couples.  Both are recognized by A.I.O.M. - The Italian Association of Certified Wedding Planners.

After putting so much effort into my education, training and my own projects I finally turned my hobby into a business and here I am!  I have been working as an Event Manager and Wedding Planner in my home city Corato since 2010.For the past four years I have been managing the participation of a business in several tradeshows.  I have also been planning and organizing many cultural and business events in my city.  These include store openings, company open days, art exhibitions, conferences and advertising campaigns.  Through this work I have enjoyed working with skillful and like minded personnel in my field.

I have also been designing several Weddings, Birthday Parties and Communions in my city as well as teaching Marketing and Customer Relationship Management in a professional school in Corato.During the past two years a new collaboration was born with one of my best friends – Niclanna.  As well as being a friend Niclanna is now also my colleague, but I prefer to think of her as the other half of the team WE…and not just as a workmate.What else about me?Stay tuned…because there’s more to come!